About Us
Since 2004, Waveco has been operating laundry rooms with enthusiasm and a love for our product in the New York City area. Our laundry rooms utilize quality commercial laundry equipment and personalized service. At Waveco, our philosophy is to operate quality laundry rooms.

We enter into a lease agreement with a building owner. We will pay the owner rent or commission, based on the machine usage. We redesign the laundry room so we can operate commercial laundry equipment. Our lease agreement includes servicing the machines with parts and labor, at our expense. We will own the machines and maintain the integrity of the room, at no expense to you.

After we help you build your laundry room, we will continue to support you with service, service and more service. Our goal is to respond to any issues quickly and efficiently, and to keep your residents happy.

All laundry equipment providers are not created equal. Waveco is truly a service-oriented company and continues to provide world-class service to our customers. Our dedication to customer satisfaction allows you to expect un-paralleled quality, dependability, service and integrity.